About Us


Navera Builders is one of the leading builders in Thrissur, Kerala. Established in 2019 at Thrissur. We are constructing well-known luxury 1/2/3 BHK apartments in Thrissur, 3/4 BHK villas in Thrissur. Each project has specialized architectural expertise and world class amenities. Our Apartments/Villas in Thrissur are in strategic locations. Whether it is affordable Flats/Villas in Thrissur or Luxury Flats/Villas in Thrissur, we do not compromise location. The company believes, we are building a long-term relationship with our most beloved and valued customers. We always strive to provide the best quality using the latest technology, choose the best locations and provide the best living facilities. Customer-friendly Behavior and Transparent Dealing made to be one of the best builders in Thrissur. Navera Builders is a socially responsible organization by conserving nature and enriching the society to a high standard. We are passionate to provide the best construction quality as well as ensuring that the construction of each flats and villas are the commitment and trust-building. Our foresight vision of management is the strength of the company.

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Our vision is to move forward by holding hands with all of our employees, customers, suppliers and business associates by giving great value to all who stand with us. We take every step with the utmost priority. More than just a concrete wall and a mere concrete building, we strive to provide the best living conditions and the best possible community for future generations. We want to be the face of the new generation.

Our passion enhances the elegance of our creations and culminates in the entire society. Be it through our Construction and Interior business and we will continue through diversity to do this for the best experience at all stages of life. We want to be the brand of Care and Commitment. Be a name that combines all the features, quality and trust, The brand NAVERA.


Passion beyond Profession creates excellence. Hard work and sincerity are behind all the best creations in the world. I believe make the day even better than yesterday. The whole world is confronting the Covid19 disaster. There is no other way but to overcome the crisis and move forward. Self-sufficiency at this stage is important.

Navera Builders has ascertained a good position to prevent any such dilemmas. As an exceptional organization with the best administrative structure, we can make decisions quickly as well as incorporate the outcomes with foresight. Since we started the company, twice the Covid19 epidemic has swept the world. We continued our work even in times of crisis like this. We move forward with a goal in the belief that we must win.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of these crisis, we have already started planning to achieve the best in the coming years. We are confident that after the Covid 19, everyone will be able to reach a new world of prosperity.