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    Luxury Apartments in Thrissur

    The eyes of the true connoisseur carve a touch of glass to seek a life beyond luxury and they draw solace from effortless style, because the Sun even good is never good enough to transform your houses into homes you can be proud of. Experience the stunning splendour of the brand “NAVERA” of unmatched aesthetics embellishing, Now let your lifestyle evolved into exquisite statements of sophistication presenting to you “Navera Taneira” Luxury Apartment in Thrissur.

    BUY 1 BHK / 2 BHK / 3 BHK Luxury Apartments And Flats In Thrissur

    Navera Taneira is located right across the road between Kuriachira and koorkenchery. The Taneira gives the right equilibrium of extravagance and affordability, while guaranteeing a tremendous lifestyle in one of Thrissur's most sought-after neighbourhoods. Navera Taneira is an incredible collection of 74 dwellings – 1 BHK, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Lifestyle Apartments delivering all the facilities that you would anticipate from a world-class residential project. This elegant haven in a tranquil location is this excellent root from which to feel all the feeling and elegance that the cultural capital of Kerala has to offer. Each eternity that you live at the Taneira is a glorious honour.

    Every apartment in Taneira has the distinctive design element of Navera, the adherence to quality and affordable pricing.

    Ordeal an enriched lifestyle at Navera Taneira. The spacious 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK Apartments in Thrissur come with incredible views and neighbourhood facilities all at a price that will surprise you.

    The spectacular apartments where convenience, wellness and entertainment are of prime importance. A spacious and verdant leisure deck complete with state-of-the-art fitness amenities like an Infinity Swimming Pool. An apartment where surrounded by exceptional amenities is not just a dream now and the elegance of aesthetic creation makes you feel happy with your beloved. Own your dream home from Navera Taneira, Luxury Apartments in Thrissur.

    Best Flats in Thrissur

    Each of our apartment projects is unique and exquisite in its design style. We always try to select the best locations in the best neighbourhoods. Delight your favourite ones in a lifestyle that transcends all contemporary luxuries with windows that open to incredible panoramas and gates that open to the most lively and luxurious Apartment project in Thrissur.

    Flats for Sale in Thrissur
    • 1 BHK Flats in Thrissur ranging from 617 Sq ft in Navera Taneira.
    • 2 BHK Flats in Thrissur ranging from 913 Sq ft to 1033 Sqft in Navera Taneira.
    • 3 BHK Flats in Thrissur ranging from 1281 Sq ft to 1366 Sqft in Navera Taneira.
    • Villas & Flats in Thrissur

      If you're looking for villas in Thrissur and Flats in Thrissur with top-notch facilities and solid construction, Navera Builders is the place to go. We have villas for sale in Thrissur and Apartments for sale in Thrissur in a variety of settings. The magnificent Villas & Flats in Thrissur are furnished with recreational, comfort, and other amenities. Navera Builders takes deep care of the environment also. Thus we create Villas & Flats in Thrissur by analysing and protecting nature. Thrissur, Kerala's cultural centre is fast incorporating new features to attract a growing number of investment prospects. Our experts have carefully considered several factors before deciding on the ideal locations for each of our Thrissur luxury apartments. When looking for a place to construct a flats in Thrissur, the first thing that must be taken into account is the quality of the site. One such apartment in Thrissur is Navera Taneira, magnificent structure prominently located close to the city centre of Thrissur. This flats in Thrissur for sale has 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartment units. The prime locations of our apartments in Thrissur and Villas in Thrissur include Kuriachira, Viyyur and Kuttanellur.

      Thrissur is one of the most desirable locations in Kerala for the construction of high-end flats and villas because of its culture and infrastructure. The shift to Thrissur is about to undergo rapid expansion. Thrissur, the state's cultural hub, is one of the most modern cities in Kerala. Thrissur's history and culture are unique and varied. where infrastructure is sufficient and is rapidly increasing. Luxurious villas and apartments by Navera Builder’s are located in scenic places, making it simple to reestablish a connection with nature and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Apartment buildings and villas have sprung up all throughout Thrissur as a result of the city's real estate growth.

      Why Should Buy a Villa / an Apartment in Thrissur?

      There is a long-term upward trend in property values, making it a smart time to invest. Thrissur is one of Kerala's most popular locations because of the high probability of future profit. Thrissur has earned a reputation as the "Cultural Capital of the State" due to its many cherished customs. Thrissur's closeness to Kochi, the state's economic centre, has helped the city flourish in a roundabout way. Thrissur is a prime real estate market because of its convenient location, high quality of life, and plenty of amenities. The city's civic infrastructure includes some of the best schools, universities, and hospitals in the country. Thrissur's burgeoning real estate market has resulted in a diverse selection of high-end apartments throughout the city. As a city on the ancient Malabar Coast, Thrissur has a rich and storied past. Thrissur has been a popular destination for international homebuyers since it offers the best of both natural and urban environment. Those who prefer urban life have access to both natural settings and the conveniences of a major urban hub. Thrissur's dedication to maintaining its cultural heritage is shown by the presence of the Kerala Kalamandalam, Kerala Sahitya Academy, Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy, and Kerala Lalitakala Academy.  Illustrious history is celebrated and preserved at these institutions.

      Thrissur is a booming city with world-class infrastructure. The city is home to the headquarters of several major banks as well as numerous prestigious educational and medical facilities. Palakkad, Malappuram, and Ernakulam form its immediate periphery. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world go to Thrissur to celebrate Thrissur Pooram, a temple festival conducted in the Vadakkunnathan temple. With its important location as a port of entry for naval forces, Kodungallur has been a site of significant archaeological interest ever since the Chera Empire. Athirappilly waterfalls is the best examples of the city's natural beauty, yet Thrissur also has all the conveniences of a major metropolitan area. All of the world's most renowned places of worship may be found in one city. Punnathur Kotta, Elephant Sanctuary and the nearby Peechi Dam attract visitors. Notable is Thrissur's convenient access to major thoroughfares. Two airports within short driving distance! Kochi and Calicut. This variety of departure points means you may choose the one most convenient for you.

      The NAVERA SIGNATURE, NAVERA TANEIRA, and the NAVERA PRITHVI are just a few of NAVERA BUILDER's most recognisable developments in Thrissur. Many of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Thrissur are selling out quickly because of the high demand from international buyers. So, if you're looking for a great apartment in Thrissur, go no further than NAVERA BUILDERS. Those looking for a high-end apartment in Thrissur won't have any trouble locating the ideal home for them. So, if you're looking for a place to live in Thrissur, Navera is here to help you out.

      NAVERA SIGNATURE, Luxury Apartments in Thrissur
      NAVERA PRITHVI, 3 BHK and 4 BHK Villas in Thrissur
    • Porotherm
    • Entrance Door - 40 mm thickness fully finished Pre Hung door both side Veneer - Jacson /Jacwud /Kalpataru or Equivalent.
    • Inside Doors - 40 mm thickness fully finished Pre Hung door both side Laminate - Jacson /Jacwud /Fero/ Kassa /Kalpataru or Equivalent.
    • Toilet Doors - 35 mm thickness fully finished Pre Hung door both side Laminate - Jacson /Jacwud /Fero/ Kassa /Kalpataru or Equivalent.
    • Door Lock- Yale / Dorset or Equivalent.
    • Door Hardwares - Yale/ Dorset/Godrej or Equivalent.
    • Door Viewer - Yale/ Dorset or Equivalent.
    • Windows : UPVC windows with high quality M.S grills
    • European Water Closet : Roca / Duravit / Toto or equivalent
    • Wash Basin : Roca / Duravit/ Toto or equivalent
    • Concealed Flush Tank : Geberit or equivalent
    • Wall Plate : Geberit or equivalent
    • Divertor : Hansgrohe or equivalent
    • Spout : Hansgrohe or equivalent
    • Shower : Hansgrohe or equivalent
    • Health Faucet : Hansgrohe or equivalent
    • Angle Valve : Kohler / Jaguar or equivalent
    • Bottle Trap : Kohler / Jaguar or equivalent
    • GVT, PGVT - Simpolo/ Kajaria.
    • Switches : Schnider/ L&T / Legrand or equivalent
    • Wires & Cables : Havells/ Finolex/ Polycab/ V-guard/ RR Kabel/ or equivalent
    • MCB : Schnider/ L&T / Legrand or equivalent
    • Distribution Board : Schnider/ L&T / Legrand or equivalent
    • Internal Putty : Asian / Berger or equivalent.
    • Emulsion : Asian/ Berger or equivalent.
    • Exterior Emulsion : Asian/ Berger or equivalent.
    • Enamel : Asian/ Berger or equivalent.
    • Kitchen Sink : Asian Paint / Nirali/ Simpolo or equivalent.
    • Sink Cock : Roca / Kohler / Grohe or equivalent.
    • Cockroach Trap : Nirali or equivalent.
    • Waste Coupling : Nirali or equivalent.
    • GP coated hand rails for Staircase and Balconies with enamel painted, MS window safety grills painted with synthetic enamel.
    • LIFTS
      • One Passengers lift and one stretcher lift - Fujitech / Kone / OTIS or equivalent.
      • UPVC

    • What are the popular luxury flats for sale in Thrissur?
    • NAVERA TANEIRA is one of the popular luxury apartments for sale in Thrissur.

    • What are the best residential areas to buy flats in Thrissur?
    • Kuriachira, Viyyur, & Kuttanellur are the most desirable residential areas to buy flats in Thrissur.

    • What is the price of Navera Apartments for sale in Thrissur?
    • The starting price of Navera Apartments is 47 Lakhs onwards in Thrissur.

    • What type of Flats/Apartments is available for Sale in Thrissur?
    • At NAVERA, we have 2 BHK, 3 BHK, & 4 BHK Flats available for Sale in Thrissur.

    • What are the amenities offered in NAVERA apartments in Thrissur?
    • NAVERA flats in Thrissur are equipped with world-class amenities such as swimming pool, gym, children’s play area, multipurpose hall, etc.

    • Is there any Villa Projects for Sale in Thrissur?
    • Yes, at NAVERA we have a Super Luxury Villa Project named NAVERA Prithvi available for sale in Thrissur.

    • Which are your under construction flats in Thrissur?
    • NAVERA Taneira and NAVERA Signature are the under-construction flats available for sale in Thrissur.

    • Do you have RERA Approved apartments in Thrissur?
    • Yes, All NAVERA apartments are RERA Approved in Thrissur.

    • Why should buy an Apartment/ flat in Thrissur.?

      Thrissur lies in the heart of Kerala and is located in southern India. It is surrounded by the Arabian Sea to the west, the Malappuram district to the north, the Palakkad district to the east and north, and the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu to the east. Three major natural divisions—the highlands, the plains, and the sea board—are formed when the terrain falls westward from the peaks of the Western Ghats in the east. The highest peak in Trissur is the Karimala Gopuram, which can be found on the Palakkad side of the border near the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary.

      Thrissur (originally Thirussivaperoor) is often considered to be the cultural heart of Kerala. Thrissur Pooram, a Hindu festival, is a spectacular show of colour and light. The kudamattom celebration involves the ritualistic switching of umbrellas amidst a procession of beautifully decorated elephants and the accompaniment of drums. One of the rituals that people look forward to the most is one in which colourful parasols are changed in a rhythmic pattern. The audience is brought to a state of exhilaration by the Ilanjithara Melam, which is a performance that features percussion. The Vadakkumnathan (Siva) Temple is perched on top of the hills around which the town is situated. The temple is an excellent illustration of the traditional architectural style of Kerala.

      The Church of Our Lady of Dolors, often commonly referred to as the New Church, was recently added to the list of landmarks that give Thrissur its current identity. Among Asian religious buildings, it is the third-tallest, and the highest in India. Thrissur is home to the earliest Christian churches in India, the St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Church in Palayoor and the Marthoma Pontifical Shrine in Kodungallur. Thrissur is also home to the Chaldean Syrian Church's (the Church of the East's) metropolitan and the Mar Narsai Press, which prints a wide variety of religious texts. St.Shrine Joseph's at Pavaratty is the most popular destination for Christian visitors in the area. Saint Thomas the Apostle is said to have arrived at kodungallur, Muziris in the year 52 AD. There are several priceless artefacts on display in the Saint Thomas Church he founded. The Catholic saint Mariam Thresia was born in the village of Puthenchira in the Thrissur district.

      According to legend, Muhammad's earliest disciples, Malik Bin Deenar and 19 others, arrived in India in Kodungallur, in the Thrissur region. The expansion of Islam across India may be traced back to the royal sponsorship, it enjoyed in several of these regions. Cheraman Juma Masjid, the earliest mosque in India, was erected by him.

      The Sree Krishna Temple is located at Guruvayur, which is 25 kilometres north of the city. To Hindus everywhere, not just those who live in Kerala, this is a holy site of the highest importance. The neighbouring cities of Chavakkad and Kunnamkulam are significant Muslim and Christian hubs, respectively. There is also the sacred Temple of Thriprayar. There aren't many temples in Kerala devoted to Lord Srirama, but this one is among the oldest and most revered. In addition to this temple, the Thrissur district is home to two others devoted to the Hindu god Rama: the Thiruvilwamala Temple and the Kadavallur Temple. The Thirumangalam Temple may be found in the village of Engandiyur in the Thrissur district. The front of the temple faces the National Highway 66 that connects Guruvayur and Ernakulam. Both Siva and Maha Vishnu are represented here, since the temple has two separate statues of each god. They're equally vital to the whole picture. Still, Siva is the most revered deity. That's why it's one of the 108 Siva temples on the list. The temple has excellent Sreekovil and is oriented to the east.

      Ancient Chera Empire's capital, Kodungallur, is rich in history and archaeology. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to this part of Kerala every year to worship at the Bhagavathi Temple. It is here that you'll find the Cheraman Juma Masjid, widely acknowledged as India's oldest mosque. Additionally significant is Irinjalakkuda, site of the lone Bharatha Temple in all of India. If you're looking for a place to learn Kathakali, go no farther than the Unnayi Warrier Smaraka Kalanilayam, which is conveniently situated next to the Koodalmanickyam Temple. Thrissur has been the heart of Vedic learning in Kerala since antiquity. To this day, the fervour with which Yagas were formerly held on the land remains unchanged. Thrissur Town is home to Kerala's lone remaining traditional Vedic learning centre.

      The district's major rivers include the Periyar, the Chalakudy, the Karuvannur, the Kurumali River (a major tributary of the Karuvannur River), and the Ponnani (Bharatha Puzha). Having begun in the eastern highlands, these waterways make their way west before emptying into the Arabian Sea. There are several smaller rivers that flow into these larger ones. The Athirappilly Falls is one such waterfall; it is sometimes referred to as the "Indian Niagara" these days. Although Periyar and Bharathappuzha only run a short distance through this district, it is unique among Kerala's districts in having both rivers present.

      Thrissur is highly sought after as a destination to reside because to its storied past, welcoming populace, and stunning natural beauty. The city is home to many renowned cultural organisations that serve to preserve and spread Malayalam culture and language, including the Kerala Sahitya Akademi, the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi, and the Kerala Kalamandalam.

      There is a wealth of natural attractions in this tourist hotspot, including the Athirapally waterfalls, the Punnathur Kotta elephant sanctuary, and the Vadakkunnathan Temple. Thrissur is the cultural capital of Kerala, and it is also known as the "golden capital of India" due to its prominence as a hub for the design and production of gold decorations throughout Southern India.

      Thrissur is a wonderful location to live because of its harmonious combination of natural beauty and contemporary conveniences. Thrissur is a homebuyer's delight due to the abundance of high-end options, including as lavish villas and high-rise flats. We have produced a list of some of the most investment-worthy areas in Thrissur, situated away from the craziness of the city yet accessible to essential social infrastructure.

      Attractions in and around Thrissur Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary is located 30 kilometres from Thrissur City.

      With the average volume of water pouring over the falls at Athirapally

      Athirapilly Water Falls is a popular picnic area and can be found 63 kilometres (39 miles) from Thrissur City on the outskirts of the Sholayar mountain range. DreamWorld and SilverStorm, two theme parks, are not far apart.

      The Vazhachal: Dense trees and the Chalakudy River may be reached within a short drive near Athirapilly.

      The Chalakudy River is a perennial waterway that is among the longest in Kerala and has more species of fish than any other river in India.

      Over 60 elephants call the Punnathur Kotta Elephant Sanctuary home, and it's just 23 kilometres (14 miles) from the city.

      Distance from city to Peechi Dam is around 12 miles 20 kilometres. The area is perfect for a picnic. The dam was originally conceived as an irrigation project to benefit the Thrissur countryside. Simultaneously, it met the demands of Thrissur City's residents for potable water. Useful for supplying water to rice paddies outside of Thrissur, it acts as an irrigation dam. bridged the Manali. Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary was founded in 1958 and spans a total area of 125 square kilometres, making it a prime location for seeing elephants.

      Poomala Dam is an irrigation dam, park, and recreational area in a beautiful natural setting.

      The Beach of Chavakkad, Vazhani Dam are nice places to have a picnic (it's 24 kilometres outside of town).

      Located around 23 kilometres (14 miles) from Thrissur proper, this beach is aptly named Snehatheeram and is located close to the hamlet of Nattika.

      Dam made with chimaeras (35 km from city)

      Kerala There is a cultural centre called Kalamandalam in Cheruthuruthy, located 30 kilometres away, that was established by poet Sri. Vallathol Narayana Menon to promote the study of traditional Kerala arts including Kathakali and Mohiniyattom.

      Temple of Koodalmanikyam

      2 kilometres away lies the Thrissur Zoo and Museum. It is a large zoo, covering 13.5 acres, and it was opened in 1885. Numerous mammals, birds, and reptiles call the zoo their home

      Buy 2 BHK / 3 BHK Apartments And Flats In Thrissur

      If you're looking to buy a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment in Kerala, Thrissur is a great option.

      Among the many reputable construction companies in Thrissur, Navera Builders stands out as the top option for anybody looking to acquire an Apartment or Villas in Thrissur.Over the years, NAVERA Builders has created a number of successful developments that have swiftly been snapped up by buyers because of their prime locations and high-quality amenities. NAVERA Builders have the knowledge and experience to provide its customers exactly what they desire.

      Thus, they have prepared painstakingly for success in every endeavour from the recent introduction of Navera Prithvi and Navera Signature to the forthcoming release of Navera Taneira.

      Apartments & Flats for Sale in Thirssur

      Newly Launched Project Offering Apartments and Flats for Sale in Thirssur Navera Taneira is now accepting booking. It is situated in the enviable neighbourhood of Kuriachira, between the Kuriachira Church and the Koorkkenchery, both of which can be reached on foot with little effort. The Swaraj Round is just a short distance away at a distance of 2.5 kilometres. Throughout addition, there is convenient access to public transportation in the neighbourhood. There are a number of financial institutions, automated teller machines, grocery stores, places of worship, and temples located within a radius of 500 metres.

      Not only is the setting of Navera Signature in Viyyur renowned for its natural beauty and calming atmosphere, but it also provides easy access to important local infrastructure. It is located in close proximity to Punkunnam, Patturaikkal, and Aswini Junction, and the Daya hospital is around two kilometres away. The development will be situated in close proximity to Chimaya College and Deepa Cinemas. This place is accessible in a pretty simple manner, which makes commuting a practical option. In addition, there are several educational institutions located within the neighbouring communities. The construction of the structure is very close to being finished.

      The construction work at Navera Prithvi is moving along quite quickly, and the enclave is getting closer and closer to being ready for residents every day. In the district of Thrissur, the property location may be found in Kuttanellur. It is just a few of hundred feet away from the Kochi-Salem Highway (NH 544). It has everything required to live a peaceful and unruffled life at all times. Because of its better social infrastructure and overall sense of safety, the region is an excellent choice of location for a diverse spectrum of individuals. There is convenient access to everything, including educational institutions and medical facilities, places of worship, financial institutions, and commercial centres. Everything is within striking distance of one another.

      Navera Builders is a company that has RERA-registered homes in the Thrissur area. RERA is an organisation that guarantees the genuineness of a project from the beginning to the conclusion. They have earned a well-deserved reputation for meeting their clients' deadlines in every one of their projects. The properties developed by Navera Builders are well-known for providing facilities of the highest possible calibre. Come take a look at our magnificent housing alternatives, which will raise your level of living and provide you with a place to call home if you are on the hunt for a new residence. Take a tour of the apartments built by Navera Builders now in order to get a feel for the atmosphere of the community, and don't wait any longer to do so.





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